Friday, February 1, 2013


Dear Mark

I didn't make a spelling error with the title. "Thursdray" is what me and a few of my friends call our Thursday night outing. About 3-4 years ago my buddy Joey and I had been frequenting a local waterhole called The Dray. You've been there. It's a Belgian style brew pub serving mostly beer and some wine, no liquor, and some small food fare. We some how settled into hanging out there on Thursday nights.

Thursday + Dray = Thursdray
Ain't we clever.

Since then the owners of The Dray have opened a new spot in Greenwood called the Yard. It has more substantial food options and a full bar, which means this brother can have a Tequila. We've been meeting there for a good 2 years now. Yet, the name Thursdray has stuck because frankly Thursard sounds stupid.

I look forward to Thursday nights a great deal, some weeks more than others depending on how things go. In the spring, summer, fall I manage to ride my bike or walk over it is so close. I like the idea of a weekly time to get away, have a tequila and see some friends. The staff spoils us and we don't mind that one bit. I feel like the place could yell "Norm" as one of us walks in and it wouldn't be out of the ordinary.

Usually there are about 5-7 of us that meet up. But the beauty is that we don't all have to show up. Who ever is free usually makes it and the night is something we all look forward to. You know Joey, and Rod shows up now too. I've even managed to get a few other high school folk to show up. Our conversations run from "guy talk" to juvenile (yes there is a difference), from cycling to other sports (we have a couple of us that like cycling, surprise!), and from technology to down right stupid. At the end of the night we've decompressed and laughed, a lot.

I really wish you were here in Seattle so you could join us. It reminds me of that joke that Dad always tells.
An Irish gentleman walks into a bar and orders 3 beers at the same time.
He takes them to a table and sits by himself, proceeding to drink each beer in turn.
He pays his tab and leaves.
The Irish gentleman returns every week and does the same thing.
The bartender finally says "Sir, if you like I could serve each beer in turn so they don't get warm on you."
The Irish gentleman says, "Oh thank you sir, but you see I have 2 other brothers and they live far abroad. We miss each other a great deal. We decided we would each visit our local watering hole, order 3 beers and drink them as if we were together each week. So I appreciate the courtesy, but I'm quite fine."
Well the reason for this gentleman's beer ordering became well known over the year.
One day in early spring he showed up and ordered only 2 beers and drank them.
The local patrons took noticed and discussion began.
After 2 weeks of doing this the bartender said "Sir, I want to give our condolences for one of your brothers. We noticed you are only ordering two beers these days."
"Oh no you have it mistaken. " The gentleman said. "They are both doing just fine. I simply gave up beer for lent."
I hope you are doing well and that you get a chance to visit your watering hole with some buddies on a routine basis. It is really a great consistent thing to do each week. I put it right up there with exercise.


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