Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rock Climbing

Dear Mark

This past weekend I took Jack to the local rock climbing gym. Our friends from PEPS took their son there a few weekends ago and they had a good time (Bridie and Calvin). We missed the chance to sync with them because Jack was attending a roller skating party, but I wanted to give him a chance to try this out.

He had a lot of fun and kept saying "Dadna, wasn't that awesome!" We paid for an hour of belaying support and put Jack on the wall and watched him go. He climbed a lot better than I thought he would have. In the past Jack has been like his Dadna, all leg strength. While this bodes well for his career as a TdF stage sprinter, I was worried about his upper arm strength. Surprisingly he did just fine. He would climb up and get to a point, then want to come down. The next time up he go fast over the previous route and take 1-2 more steps up and come down. Each time he made a little more progression. He never reached the top but he was impressive.

I added some pictures to the following gallery. Enjoy. I'll write later when I have a bit more time.



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