Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Blog Stats and you (Mark)

Dear Mark
If you learn one thing about any technology it is that data rules. I was looking at that stats our (my) blog and wondering what they informed us (me) of. It's been 7 years since our (my) first post to the blog. Since that time we (I) have compiled many a post/letter to ourselves (you) detailing where our (my) life was at the time we (I) posted.
I'm really glad we've (I've) gotten back to posting more often. I'm really enjoying reading our (my) letters to each other (you) and staying current on our (my) lives (life). Hearing about the daily things that our kids (Jack) do is hilarious.
Using the blog stat tool I queried to see which posts were the most popular. It is pretty clear that cycling dominates our (my) posts often. The top honor still goes to a post from May 30, 2007 about riding up Stevens Pass, but my recent post about the fall of Lance Armstrong has quickly taken 2nd place.

One thing that stats do tell us (me) is that you (yes you) do not post much. Even the top post on Daily Fiona was penned by me. Some say this might be a call to action. For me it poses an age old question, "if you blog about your brother and make fun of him and he doesn't read the posts, will he ever know?" Frankly we (I) may never know the answer.
This thing on?

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