Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Dear Mark

Out in your area people just buy tickets in January because they expect the Patriots to make the playoffs. It's automatic and the people just take it for granted. You know who I'm talking about, the  women in their Tom Brady jerseys that they don't tell their husbands they sleep in and the men who are just glad to have some thing to cheer about after another pathetic Red Sox season of empty promise.  Out here on the West Coast your hometown team the Seattle Seahawks have made it to the playoffs. Who would have know it? The team was not a contender starting the season. Too many 'ifs' and what not. We had a rookie QB, untried defense full of promise, a running back who makes getting hit by a truck look like a viable option in comparison, and a pair of cornerbacks that on paper scared people. Well, it seems to all have come together. In a season that saw 5 rookie QBs start, our QB is the only one still playing.

Lavinia and I were married on Super Bowl weekend (17 years ago) and I really have not invested in a football season since then. I followed the team via the news and silently rooted when they went up against Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl, but I've never invested the time. This year for some reason our new quarterback got me interested again. Russel Wilson is a 3rd round pick from Wisconsin and the dude is quite impressive. Here's a good write up on him. I really like his leadership. He has what a lot of old school quarterbacks had and it is really helping the Team.

I like rooting for this guy, almost as much as I like rooting for Zorn, Largent, Kreig, Easley and Green. I remember getting excited when it was 3rd down and Dan Dornick was in the game. I liked knowing that Norm Johnson was not only gonna make the field goal but look tougher because he wore a real helmet unlike other kickers. I remember thinking that if Coach Knox suited up he'd probably kick a large amount of butt on the O-Line just by staring hard at the defensive back.

As this year has gone by I find myself wanting to watch the game. Of course I record and catch up because watching that many commercials is just silly. I think I'm getting excited for all the fans that have sat in the stands enduring some really awful teams in past 10 years.

I still can't say I like being in the NFC. It seems wrong. I still hate the Broncos, the Chiefs, the Raiders and the Chargers more than I hate the 49ers, Rams and Cardinals. I mean, who wouldn't right? Still the division rivalry is good and I almost dislike the Rams as much as the Raiders... almost. A perfect season would be one where the AFC West implodes on it own and they apologize for it.

I had not realized that this weekend's win in Washington D.C. was our first playoff road victory in 30 years. The last one was a win in Miami over the Dolphins in 1883. I remember watching that game. Coach Chuck Knox, Curt Warner and John L. Williams in the background. Never knowing which Dave Krieg was going to show up, the one that would pass for 5 TDs or fumble and give away 4. If I recall it right Steve Largent had not had a catch in the game until the very end. He caught a 30 yard on the sideline at the 3 yard line and we got the touchdown for the win next play. I remember sitting on pins and needles at home in the basement. 30 years is a long time to wait to get a monkey off your back.

Speaking of flashbacks, in the game the Redskins QB hurt his knee. He was already hurt and it just caught up with him. It was a flashback to another Redskin QB, Joe Theisman, who broke his leg in a MNF game years ago (like in the 80's). I remember ABC kept showing the break over and over and over again. It was painful. But when a guy is in on the ground that long you have to cover the air time right? Well they did the same with RGIII. And because I like consistency here are pictures of both.

To both I say OUCH!

I do hope RGIII recovers well. This rookie quarterback will have a great career. I've already forgiven him for kicking the Huskies butt last year in the bowl game against Baylor. He's classy for a young player and I wish him well.

Here's one of the best summaries of the game for me. Reading Tuesday Morning Quarterback on ESPN.com they say this about Russel Wilson:

Sweet Play of the Week: The host Redskins leading 14-13 with 10 minutes remaining, Seattle faced third-and-5 on the Washington 27. RG III was playing hurt, but so was the Bluish Men Group kicker. Marshawn Lynch took an inside handoff, then cut outside. Lynch and quarterback Russell Wilson saw a lane to the end zone -- and Wilson sprinted ahead of Lynch to get the final block, the touchdown and the winning points. Quarterback not only gets a big block, he outruns his own tailback. Sweet.

I guess I have enjoyed the season because it reminds me of us sitting with Dad watching the games as kids. The laughter and the drama of watching the game. Hearing Dad yell "get him you Turkeys!!" and Larry some how able to call for a fumble when we needed it (special power, special responsibility indeed), even Mom getting involved and cheering for that wholesome Steve Largent (do we know if she liked that he was a Christian Republican later? Check on that). Jack roots for them and calls the Seahawks his "hometeam" when we are watching.

Next week we have Atlanta in Atlanta. The Seahawks are playing well and hopefully they can muster another win, if for no other reason that I really enjoy seeing the 12th man flag fly on top of our Space Needle. And maybe because if we make the Super Bowl we can kick the crap out the Patriots again like we did earlier in the year.


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