Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rear View Mirror

With luck that large thud you heard was the door hitting 2012 in the butt as it left the building. I've embraced my new friend, 2013, already and I'm looking forward to working with it in the year to come. I was so ready for a change that I began to need 2012 to be over. I can cite several reasons like work, health, the gray season that is Seattle's Fall, Winter, and Spring (with showings throughout Summer too just for giggles), but that discussion doesn't allow the point, I was ready for 2013.

I wanted to start fresh. Get ahead of the curve. Mix it up again. Some how I needed a new start line to do that. But why? Why did I need to pull out of the race in order to race again? I truly detested 2012 on many levels, none having to do wi anything Mayan, but was it really so bad I had to give up?

Looking back 2012 was full of fun and very memorable times
- Disneyland trip with Lavi and Jack was exceptional.
- half marathon with Rod and a sub 2 hour time was a great goal achievement.
- Really enjoying times with Family and friends.
- being able to visit Mark, Siobhan and Fiona 3x this year.
- great trip to Panama that was special in many ways for Lavi.
- Jack at age 4-5 has just been a ton of fun.
- the list goes on...

So was 2012 all that bad? I think not. I think my attitude needs to improve in some areas, and I'll work on that. Overall, it is all good. I'm taking that attitude into 2013 and plan to do good things.

Ready or not, here I come.

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