Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Updates and Thoughts

Dear Mark

I've been a pretty busy older brother. Rather than spending my times worrying about you, as big brothers are apt to do, I've been busy with work, family and just things in general. I can hardly believe that the first month of 2013 is almost in the books. I have some updates and usual randomness below. Most of it making fun at your expense, but like I said, "Older Brother." I hope things are well for you and that you three are weathering the winter storms. I have plans to come to Boston in March. In doing so I hope to avoid all that silly winter seasonal weather.

New Year's Resolutions
I'm happy to say that most of my resolutions are still going strong. Good work out schedule and picking up a bit more. Eating a tad bit more healthy during the week. Taking time to relax and enjoy has been the best. Nights at home with the family and finding different things to do with Jack has been great. It is the wet winter months so we've been playing a lot of board games. I had a great time last weekend playing Sequences and Blockus one wet afternoon while drinking some hot apple cider and listening to music. Truly enjoyable.

17 Years
Lavinia and I celebrated our anniversary. We've known each other since 1992 and have been married 17 years. That amount of time is longer than some people have been on this earth, which only accelerates my gray matter. Funny enough aging seems to bounce off Lavinia as she continues to be the face of youth and beauty I met back in a UW classroom in 1992. We had a nice dinner out while Jack had a sleep over with the Grandparents.

I mentioned the wet winter month that we are having. It has been cold by Seattle standards, which are of course laughed at by your east coast standards, but bite me. It's been cold. I have stood in silent judgement of some of my fellow Seattleites. It's cold enough that you see wool hats, scarves, north face coats and pants. All of it accompanying flip-flops and no socks. Take that in. Really get that picture in your head. Then envision me slapping that individual with their wet flip-flop.

Jack seems to be the typical kid that wants to wear shorts all the time. We had a teaching moment the other day. We were going to head out for a walk on a cold sunny afternoon. He began his protest to the oppression that was "pants" pleading that I just didn't understand his plight of freedom. I asked him to join me on the deck for a moment to discuss the matter. In seconds he was cold and asked to go inside. I informed him that he was dressed fine according to his own words and that we should finish the conversation. He quickly admitted that I was right, went in got on his pants and off on our walk we went. Score one for Dadna!

More to come. I've several letters started but I need time to make a point. I hope you all are well. Please write back soon so you Mother will be insured you still know the written language.


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