Thursday, January 3, 2013

One day at time...

Dear Mark,

Following on yesterday's thought of giving 2013 a good effort, I think one key will be taking it easy. I don't mean being lazy, although there will be times for sure but more that I need to keep a good focus on some short term daily objectives. A small list of things to accomplish that can provide me with success.

It is kinda of funny. I don't think of myself as intense or even Type-A in any way. All the talent evaluations and skill assessments or career predictor tests are less likely to say "Will own successful start-up" and more apt to say "Wallmart greeter/hugged would be a good use of your special skillset." Yet over the years when I look at my accomplishments and goals they are big. Ride across the country on my bike, didn't even blink. MBA with zero undergrad studies in business? Seems doable. Getting a Panamanian Lady to not only marry me but live in Seattle, with its lack of sun? Well there I was just lucky, but still shows that I'm not intimidated to go for it.

I think to give 2013 the best shot I need to dial it back and get some wins in the bag. Not huge wins, but some wins. Yes, that's the plan.

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