Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mom still carries a Red Marker

Dear Mark

Do you remember growing up how we learned more about grammar and writing from our mother than any teacher we had? I'm not insulting our teachers but more just giving Mom the credit for what writing skills I do have. I mean I did put them to good use in getting my History degree in college. That was 100% writing. I'm finding in this day and age that the auto-correct and grammar checking devices we have now built in are starting to make me sloppy. I make mistakes, no don't laugh I do. It's true. I'll usually make at least 3 grammar mistakes before I have my second cup of coffee each day. (I just now had to go back and change "grammer" to "grammar" 4x, sigh)

As I write more to you I think the only true fan of our little blog effort is our Mom. Oh sure I get some analytic hits from Kansas (thanks Katie) and a few in Utah (I know you are reading Jeannie) and I'm still not sure who our fan in the former Soviet Union is but I trust he/she is enjoying the reads. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Mom reads. It's just funny that she still is my best grammar checker. Here's evidence in a little email I received last night.

Dear Jeff,

I just found your new posts and read them all.  Loved it.  It has been a long time since the new deck was posted.  I especially loved the little fun things that popped in unbeknownst to you:

Wallmart greeter/hugged would be a good use of your special skillet
I can just imagine you with a skillet in hand beating back the customers.

I'm taking that attitude into 2013 and plan to do good thinks
Well, Lord knows thinking is the best way to get somewhere in this world.

Coach Chuck Know
Had he, we might have gone to the Super Bowl a long time ago.

Now if we could only get your brother to post something.

Well Mom, I love you too and I'm glad you got my back. If you were a superhero you'd be "THE HYPHEN!" Or maybe the "THE CORRECTOR!" and you would run around the city with your red marker of justice correcting wrongs and occasionally correcting copy for the local news rag. 

Mom's affect on our writing doesn't stop at the Red Marker. I mean how else do you explain our love for Scrabble. I mean is there anything better than the smell of the wood letter trays, the rattle of the letters in the bag and slapping down the an 8 letter word on a triple word score that would make an old lady mutter a curse under her breath (not you Mom, you don't curse, nor are you old, grin). I mean I just love the smell of Scrabble tiles in the morning, smells like... victory. Did you know Jason is actually afraid to play her in Scrabble. She is L-E-G-E-N-D (8 points). 

In fact her influence makes the following clips from one of my favorite sitcoms funny. I love grammar humor! 

Well, I need to wrap it up. I'll grab our game on Words with Friends and "give you the spelling thrashing of a lifetime you deserve Smithers!" 

Cheers (11 points) 


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