Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Time

Dear Mark

It's after July 5th here in Seattle and that means that summer has arrived. It still means our days start gray, but it warms up and blows out the clouds in time for us to have an uncomfortable sleep. We have been busy and I owe you some letters on what we've done. The week of July 4th we visited Disneyland. It was an awesome trip, probably our best family trip to date. I'll write about it soon. The week after that I went on a bicycle camping trip with Jason around the Washington peninsula. Funny enough we never saw the sun on the Washington coast. We covered 360 miles with 30 pounds of gear on our bikes.

On top of all this our new deck project is underway. Can't wait to show some pictures. All in all I owe you some letters, but seeing how you hardly write I don't feel too bit (Oh snap! no he didn't!)

The picture below of Jack I think sums up how summer has been and how I hope it will transpire.


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