Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Deck

Dear Mark

We just finished the deck project at the house. I'm so excited that it is done. What an improvement. As you know, Lavinia and I have been talking, dreaming and planning what this deck would be like for many years.

We started off thinking that the upper deck was a stairway to the backyard, but realized quickly that stairs are hard and cost a lot of money. So we scaled back and just thought about what we would use the deck for. The deck, as you know, is off of our living room and dining room. We spend 90% of our time in these two rooms and having an extension to the outdoors was highly desirable. You may recall that Lavinia is from Panama where you can live outside like all the time. So being able to have dinner on the deck, relax in a chair and enjoy yourself was a big plus.

Dad designed the deck and even got me the permit. It was very helpful to have some one who has navigated those waters before helping. Mom has often wondered what people do with computer questions if their kids are not tech savy. I now wonder the same about anyone aspiring to complete a home remodel who doesn't have a Dad like we do.

Bob build the deck for us. Let me tell you that the deck has 16 foot rafters that are treated 2x12s. He was able to lift them all in place by himself. The guy is strong as an ox and it's family put together. His attention to detail is even stronger. At the end of the day you could probably park our Xterra on the deck.

Here's a quick slide show of the deck as it progressed. We are pretty stoked!

I still owe you a few letters about Disneyland and my bicycle trip around Washington. Check out the Zenfolio site because I've uploaded new photos there about both.

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