Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NW Child Development Center

Dear Mark

As you are becoming aware, daycare is a pretty important thing. Lavinia and I have been very lucky that Jack attends a tremendously awesome daycare. As you know he is at Northwest Child Development Center. NW Center helps kids with development needs and, of course like with Jack, kids without development needs are enrolled as well. The level of care that the school provides because they meet the very high requirements for children with special needs is a benefit to all the children in the school. 

Jack has learned so much while he's been here and the Teachers have been great partners. Some times I think they have taught us as much as they've taught Jack. Jack has one more year at NW Center. Because he is a late September birthday Seattle Schools will not enroll him this coming year. We are very okay with that because it means one more year with NW Center. 

One super awesome thing for me is the location. Being located on the North side of Queen Anne hill means I can easily pick up and drop off every day. I can even walk there from work. Jack and I have taken the bus home for fun. We some times stop at the coffee shop in the morning to get a treat. I think though the most fun is when we ride the bicycle to school/work. The hill to the school is very steep but we have a ton of fun riding. Here is a pic of him recently on the bike, yes he's wearing a cape and a mask (he is Robin). 

Here is a photo from the school that they will use for media and marketing efforts. I'm told this will play on our local PBS station. Jack is in the photo and Lavinia and I are really happy Jack can help promote NW Center. 

Over the years we snapped a few photos of Jack at school. I can only show the ones of just him, but we have so many more of Jack playing with his friends. He even still talks about many of his friends who are no longer there any more. 

All in all we are very happy with our experience at NW Center. I hope your daycare is giving you the same warm fuzzy feelings.


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