Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Dear Mark,

Just a quick letter about Mother's Day this year. Jack being 4 he seems to get that this is an important day and that Mama is special. This year I decided to try and make it a whole weekend of relaxation for Lavi. It seemed to work. Lavi was quite relaxed and I was fetching her drinks while she read her book and sat in the sun. She did let me sneak for a bike ride early Saturday morning though. After which we went and saw Avengers while Jack had time with Gram and Grandpa. That night we had them over for dinner, which for the most part I took care of (with good guidance from Lavi though).

Sunday morning Jack and I rose earlier than Lavi and I tackled making Migas from a Rachel Ray recipe. It came out pretty well and we had breakfast in bed with Mama. Later Jack and I took off for a bike ride, after we all spent time in the garden, and gave Mama some quiet time. Later that night Ben came by for dinner, which I again managed to pull off. I think I used all my cooking luck in one weekend.

During the day I received the most amazing picture of you and Fiona. It was priceless. While I know it was Siobhan's day I hope you were giving her a break by letting Fi crash on you.

I snapped a few of Lavi and Jack, but Siobhan wins for snapping the best picture for sure. 

We hope your weekend went well too. 


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