Friday, May 11, 2012

Camping, NW Style

Dear Mark

We took Jack on his very first camping trip this week. Jack's school was closed for 2 in-service days so Lavi and I took the days off and planned a trip to Deception Pass on Whidbey Island. Now planning camping trips in late May is risky in the NW, and planning them in April for the first week of May is, well lets just say it is a bit of a crap-shoot. The forecast didn't help at all. The days before and after our trip looked promising but the days of the trip looked down right wet. As you can see from the image below, Thur-Fri were wet.

All in all it started pretty well. Jack was up for the adventure. At one point in the week prior I asked him about it and he admitted he was a "little nervous." I asked him to explain why he was nervous. He responded saying that he was scared a bee would sting him. I answered that it was still pretty cold for bees to be out and that we'd make sure they stayed away. He was quiet for a moment then said he was a little scared to sleep in the tent. I asked him if he thought he would be sleeping alone, or if he thought Mama and Dadna would be there. He paused and said we'd be there. A moment later his voice picked up and he said "Dadna, I'm really excited to go camping" to which I answered, "me too champ, me too."

I was excited to go camping. We had pulled out all our stuff to see what we had. Lavi and I had not used our gear in a few years. It's always fun for me to do this because a few items in our camping pack were on our wedding registry at REI. It always tickles me to remember we registered there. How very NW of us indeed. After sifting through it all and figuring out what we had, we packed up and were ready to roll in a few days.

During these few days the rain came and stayed. It was starting to darken the mood of excitement. Luckily Jack was oblivious to the fact. We opted for a late start and it sprinkled on us the whole drive north. We arrived at Deception Pass campground and it had let up. The campsite was pretty damp but it had stopped raining. That was until I started putting the tent up, of course. So we get the tent up and realize that our other table shelter is just not going to work. We opted for driving back to a nearby town to a k-mart to get a shelter, which we know we'll use for other purposes surely. Then back to the campground.

The rain let up and Lavi started cooking a beef stew for dinner. It was delicious. After which we made s'mores and quickly realized it was 9:45 and way past Jack's bed time. So into the tent to get ready. Jammies, teeth brushing, lots of blankets and a night-light on we all three crashed out and started a good sleep.

Then it started raining again. Lavi informed me it started at 1:30. I thought it was much later. It was dumping. It rained so hard that our rainfly was sagging and starting to drip through on us. At 6:30am Lavi and I were awake, Jack was still out and sleeping under a sleeping bag and blanket. We discussed it and decided to pack it up. A full day of this rain was just going to be too much. Outside everything was muddy or swampy and the thought of 3 wet people in a tent you are trying to keep dry, well we waved the white towel.

So pack up we did. We headed home after stopping for breakfast. Upon arriving at home we opened our tent and all our wet stuff to dry out in the garage. We grilled some dinner that night, hung out as a family, read books, watched a fun movie and had a great day. Sure we were not camping in my beautiful NW backyard but we were together and that was the most fun of all.

Here's a few pictures I took (still need to add Lavinia's)

Oh and by the way, during the whole trip Jack wore his special superhero camp. Pretty awesome.


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