Friday, May 18, 2012

Bike To Work Day 2012

Dear Mark

Bike To Work Day arrived today. My National holiday celebrating those that chose to leave their cars at home and for the simplicity of the bicycle is always a ton of fun. Once again I helped organize a lot of fun here at work. Adobe Seattle has been sponsoring our local BTWD for 17 years by my estimation. That is simply awesome.

It reminds me actually of how I came to work at Adobe Systems. As a younger man I knew that I wanted to make a switch of employers. I liked that I had happened into technology and I seemed to have had a knack for Tech Support. As I was riding my bike I reached down for my water bottle. I noticed that my 1995 Bike To Work Day water bottle had 3 big sponsors, WRQ, Visio and Adobe. All three were companies whose products I knew and liked. I could apply there. How cool would it be to work for a company who also supported cycling efforts in my community? Right?!

That was pretty much the decision making process right there. I hunted job postings and finally applied at Adobe. 15 years later we are still supporting BTWD and supporting our employees who chose to commute by bike. I really feel lucky  to work for such a great company.

This month Jack and I have been riding a lot. I've been posting photos to the zenfolio site. Today we rode through a few commuter stations and met some friends on the ride in. Here's a picture from today at the Nickerson St station. Jack was asked to pose for 2 more photos and, as you would expect, he hammed it up.

On your left,

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