Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

Dear Mark

Halloween was a fun event this year for our house. Lavinia and I enjoy decorating the house. Each year we add more and more to our exterior decorations. At first I was never too excited about decorating. Its a lot of work, its crummy weather, but then after a few years it became more and more fun. This year Jack helped me drag all the boxes out of the shed and set things up.

Another thing we did this year were some craft projects. The internet is great for quick and easy projects for kids. Jack helped me make a "scary spider!" and a some "spooky ghosts." Our favorite were the lighted ghosts for outside.

Jack chose to go as Iron Man this year. Being the Marvel household that we are, I was tickled by the choice. I have photos of him in his costume below. He really got into trick or treating this year. He seemed to get that it was for him and he had a lot of fun. The Bicycle Alliance of Washington sponsored a KEXP party for kids that we took him to.

I don't normally dress up at the office. Mostly because I think about it too late. I did think up some ideas but I wasn't sure if they'd work. Here's a quick list. You can let me know your favorite.
  • WADA Inspector (World Anti-Doping Authority) to a cyclist this is scary. I'd just walk around with a little cup I'd hand out to athletes
  • Horatio Caine from CSI Miami, but I could be CSI QE with the same look
  • Wear a shirt with text all over it in random type faces. I think Fonts are scary, but maybe it's just me.
  • I had various "Chaos Monkey" costumes, but that is only scary to Developers
  • Boston Red Sox Front Office Manager, because they are acting pretty scary these days. 
This year I had 2 strobe lights highlighting the tombstones in the yard. I also added a Ghoul stirring a cauldron. That needs work for next year for sure. The best part was adding the motion sensor that triggered some howling noises and lights. It scared a few people. Best $20 I spent.

Here's a gallery of photos for you.

Happy Halloween!