Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jack raises money

Dear Mark,

You know that I have been a supporter of the Bicycle Alliance of Washington for a long time. They are Washington State's only state-wide bicycling advocacy group. They affect change in our state capital and that makes every city, not just Seattle, a better place to bicycle.

We recently attended the Bike Alliance auction. This is their big fundraiser for the year. I got my start on the Board being the Auction Chair. Oh how the event has grown. This year I hosted a table and Mom & Dad came, along with my friend Demian from work and Bridie and Kim too! Jack came with us and was very excited. He wanted to know where the bikes were and where he could go ride his bike.

Jack and I were part of a special appeal for funds during the program. The Executive Director, Barbara Culp, put together a great write up (I have it below) in the program. She asked that Jack and I take the stage to crank up the cute factor and to drive home the point that what we do makes cycling in Washington State better for Jack and kids like Jack.

Jack was great and we had a good time on stage. I asked him about bicycling, and what he likes about, his favorite Tour de France rider, if riding safe is a good choice or bad choice and if riding safe is something we should do in Washington. The kid stayed on script and did great.

Check out pictures below.
Tonight -- help us shift gears, shift policy and shift minds!  Join Jeff and Jack Moran as they envision the future of bicycling as an everyday, mainstream transportation option in your community. 
Shift Gears: Jack wants to have fun riding to school.  Jeff was the ride to be safe, affordable and healthy.  The Bicycle Alliance wants Safe Routes trainings for teachers in school districts ALL over Washington, so that EVERY child can ride or walk safely to school.  31 districts and counting… 
Shift PolicyJack wants to feel safe riding down Queen Anne with his dad.  Jeff wants every community to adopt policies that create complete streets for all roadway users.  The Bicycle Alliance wants funding for communities that have adopted a Complete Streets ordinance to help them design streets for all users.  Right now we're working in Olympia to include grant funding in the next budget cycle
Shift Minds:  Jack wants choices, one day peanut butter, and the next day cheese.  Jeff wants his son and lots more people making healthy choices like riding to school, work, errands, and fun!. The Bicycle Alliance wants safer roads, connected sidewalks, reliable transit all of which lead to increased bicycle ridership.  The Bicycle Alliance endorsed Proposition 1: Streets for All to help build those facilities. 
Tonight we are asking you to support Jack's future: neighborhood greenways, separated cycle tracks, more bike parking, and policies and people to make it happen.  We need your support to convince school districts and legislators that kids should be able to bike to school, adults can ride to work, and youth and elders can walk in safety.  You can help turn Jack's dream into reality tonight! 
Raise your bid card high if you believe that every child deserves a future with healthy, active transportation choices.

The nifty part was that the special appeal was kicked off with our $2,500.00 donation to the organization. A donation that my company matches for a cool $5,000.00.

All in all it was a great night!

On your left,

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Louise McGrody said...

Jack is rock star and so are you! You guys are the dynamic duo in my book!