Monday, October 3, 2011

4 Year Old Birthday Crowns

Dear Mark,

Jack just had his 4 year birthday (9/25). We had a super good time. The family went to La Push, WA to hang at the beach. Jack now refers to it as "His Cabin" and I'm glad to see my son will have La Push as a fond memory like you and I do. Like his father he managed to stretch a single day of self-centered attention into a week long celebration and create a Birthday week.

Jack had several birthday events, including a birthday celebration at school. His teacher made him a birthday crown. He's worn it every day for a week now and it sits on his dresser. He was quite happy with it, and quite happy that his other school friends had one for their birthday.

Ever rooted in our family history, our own mother thought that this looked familiar.

Sure enough. That's a photo of our mom at age 4 with her own hat.

More soon.


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