Monday, September 12, 2011

Lack of posts, blame Apple

Dear Mark,

There have been a lack of posts from me recently, and by recent I dare say a lot this past year. Compared to past years that saw me writing to you more frequently, the year 2011 has seen a drop off. Normally I like to blame the economy, politics, training, or even el nino for such activity. However, this year I think I must place the blame squarely on the shoulders of who is responsible for such a down turn in creativity. Yes, my iPad is to blame.

You may recall that I received an iPad for the holidays last year. I was quite excited. I am a recent Mac convert by all standards and I have to say that I'm okay with that. I don't miss my non-Mac hardware or operating systems for a moment, although I must admit I do miss some of the software that just runs better on Windows (I'm looking at you MS Office). Still, I've been quite happy.

Over the year the number of devices designed by that company that Steve Jobs use to work for has jumped at our household. Laptop, desktop, iphone, itouch, nano, more iphones, Apple TV and the list will grow as 2011 closes out I'm sure. I have even started planting the seed the Mom and Dad should convert, but your Mother is a bit stubborn and quite frankly is a power user so I should probably leave that alone (and no Family Tree maker on Mac me thinks).

I've been using the iPad more and more at home. Even Jack uses it. We both watch videos on it, from Netflix and from our digital library. I use it to check various email accounts, play games (Scrabble!), read news and other consumption activities. I think that tablets in general are a fun way to interact with the web and consumption activities. For now though, they seem to be stunting my creativity a little. While there is a blogger app, several actually, it is difficult to sit down and bang out some quality creative writing.

Couple the above consumption driven activities with the bed time routine of a 3 year old and I've got plenty of excuses. But not wanting to just go with conjecture I mapped out some numbers to illustrate the situation.

Here is a graph showing the frequency of our posts this year.

Here you can see the combined frequency of both our posts. Its revealing in many ways.

Now here is the revealing graph that shows as my iPad usage has gone up that the number of posts have suffered. 

I hope to correct this trend soon. One thing about data discovery is what you do with the data. I'm hoping that this will get me back on track with these posts. Perhaps the data can lead you to a similar discovery. If not, I'll be forced to re-market this blog as "Brother Moran" which will make me sound like a monk. 


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