Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fiona Margaret Moran

Dear Mark

Fiona Margaret Moran is beautiful. I wanted to write a letter that went on and on about how happy I am and how blessed we all are to welcome Fiona to the family. About how well Siobhan did (as we all knew she would) and even more impressed by how well you did (because frankly some of us were concerned, never me of course.. no... well a smidge, but I knew Siobhan would be there). About what a lovely name you have two have chosen for your daughter. About how I searched for
air fare that night to come out for at least a day to hug and kiss her, as well as you.

In the end it is just overwhelming happiness that I feel. I'm so happy to be an Uncle. I love this picture you sent and the ones you posted on the Zenfolio site. Keep them coming and we'll talk soon... Dad.

Love ya

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