Monday, August 8, 2011

Due Date Conversations

Dear Mark

Well it's August 8th and your son/daughter's due date has come and not even a knock at the door. I wanted to share our text conversation so that he/she can see how sensitive her/his Father and Uncle were on this day.

Jeff: I am suppose to be an uncle today. Wassup? :)
Mark: Patience. Soon you will join the exclusive Uncle club. there are tshirts and meetings. You will be assigned an uncle category, weird, angry or cool.
Mark: Seriously, Doc said she ain't even dilated a lit bit.

Jeff: So teh kids seems to have your sense of hurry. Oh good.
Mark: Yeah like a seminare paper due date.
Jeff: LOL. Siobhan wont want to be preggie that long though.

Jeff: Uncle Club? Will there be snacks at the meetings? I'd want snacks.
Mark: More people will come if we have punch and pie
Jeff: Punch and pie!

So I guess my little still-stewing Nephew or Niece can take heart that his/her Uncle was pretty excited about his/her arrival. He/She can look back and think, "wow that is pretty cool. I mean it didn't make me hurry or anything because like I find my head hurts when I hurry too much, but Dad says that I'll get use to that. But my Uncle and family are pretty neat. Hey Jack, do you find you can't hold still because of your Dadna? Jack...? Jack..? Where'd you go Cous? Stop organizing my room you twit!!...." and so on.

I can't wait to hear the good news. Everyone is sending you three the happy thoughts. Can't wait for the introduction. I promise that I'll likely cry like the happy Uncle I'll be.

BTW, Jack has guessed that you'll be having a Boy.

Love ya Bro!


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