Friday, August 26, 2011

Daily Fiona

Dear Mark

It has been a lot of fun to receive daily pictures of Fiona. I think what is even more fun are the text messages that come with them.

Mark Text: Top O' the morning to ya. the ligh sure hurts my eyes and I don't llike to be woken. Just like my Dad

Mark Text: Time for a power nap

Jeff Text Back: Takes after her old man. The napping that is, not the cute part. Gets that from her Mom.

Here's a nice picture of Jack getting to know his cousin. Soon they will be video chatting and use sim-chip Matrix stuff to communicate across the country.

Mark Text: Yes Chef!

Mark Text: Yup. It's a girl. The pink invasion has begun!

Mark Text: Yar! Someone be after my booty. This is her pirate face.

Mark Text: Come on Vogue!

Mark Text: And Big Stretch. She wakes up just like her old man.

I will have to say that she is simply adorable, and probably will be just as funny as her Old Man.



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