Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A change of summer plans

Dear Mark

This weekend I decided I was not going to run the full marathon in Portland. I am now aiming for a half marathon. My reasoning is that summer has finally arrived in Seattle and I did not want to spend every weekend so tired from training. I had a great time this last weekend with the family. This week Jack and I have bike commuted every day (something I had not been doing because the load of all the running and riding was too tiring, I'm old. I get it. Grin). I've not regretted the decision.

This was the view from the Fremont Bridge yesterday morning. We stopped as a big ship was coming through and the draw bridge was up. Jack looks entirely too cool on the bike with his shades. He constantly tells me he is the God of Thunder!!!! I'm so proud (Thor Hushovd reference for you non-cyclists).

Hope things are going well for. I know the East Coast has been hot. Seattle is just now seeing some nice weather. I expect us all to be complaining about 78 degree heat within the week.


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