Friday, August 26, 2011

Perfect Child Born!

Editor's note - this post is a bit overdue, but we've been a little bit busy :)

The following must be read in the voice of an old time-y news reporter

Extra Extra - Perfect Child Born in Northampton - Need for future human breeding questioned as world's most perfect baby arrives

Dateline Northampton Massachusetts, August 15th, 2011

The birds were still dormant when Siobhan Moran awoke to a strange sensation in her tummy. The one week overdue pregnant woman was just starting her contractions. After several hours at home she and her husband Mark, went to their pre-arranged doctor's appointment. After a quick evaluation their doctor urged them across the street to Cooley Dickenson Hospital. Siobhan labored long and hard, 18 hrs in total. At 8:51PM with one final push Fiona Margaret Moran was born in to this world and we are all now better for it.

Fiona came in at 7 lbs and 11 oz and 20.5 inches long. Her hair is somewhere between the soft blond and fire red. Her eyes, for now, are blue grey.

Now, this is where the story deters from your normal baby being born story... this child is perfect, yes as inconceviable as it may seem, the perfect child has been born. Implications are wide spread. The White House has issued a "why bother to breed anymore" declaration. Citizens can continue to breed if they desire, but it is the government's position that it is wholly futile since nothing will surpass this perfect child. The International Olympic commitee is in closed door session trying to determine how to handle this development. Meanwhile, at the vatican, a cadre of cardinals and the pope himself are discussing the meaning of the birth of this perfect child. The Vatican has declared that it's not the second coming, but perhaps the first and a half?

As the future implications of this perfect child's birth are considered the powers that be have deemed that the child will stay with its parents. Can these imperfect first time parents raise this perfect child? What does this perfect child's birth hold for the rest of us, only time will tell.

Stay tuned here.....

In all seriousness, Fiona is here and she is amazing. Just perfect, at least to us. The labor was intense and I can't believe what a rock star my wife is. We're making our way through the early days and Fiona is progressing well. See the Zenfolio site for more pics of this amazing kid.


Daily Fiona

Dear Mark

It has been a lot of fun to receive daily pictures of Fiona. I think what is even more fun are the text messages that come with them.

Mark Text: Top O' the morning to ya. the ligh sure hurts my eyes and I don't llike to be woken. Just like my Dad

Mark Text: Time for a power nap

Jeff Text Back: Takes after her old man. The napping that is, not the cute part. Gets that from her Mom.

Here's a nice picture of Jack getting to know his cousin. Soon they will be video chatting and use sim-chip Matrix stuff to communicate across the country.

Mark Text: Yes Chef!

Mark Text: Yup. It's a girl. The pink invasion has begun!

Mark Text: Yar! Someone be after my booty. This is her pirate face.

Mark Text: Come on Vogue!

Mark Text: And Big Stretch. She wakes up just like her old man.

I will have to say that she is simply adorable, and probably will be just as funny as her Old Man.



Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fiona Margaret Moran

Dear Mark

Fiona Margaret Moran is beautiful. I wanted to write a letter that went on and on about how happy I am and how blessed we all are to welcome Fiona to the family. About how well Siobhan did (as we all knew she would) and even more impressed by how well you did (because frankly some of us were concerned, never me of course.. no... well a smidge, but I knew Siobhan would be there). About what a lovely name you have two have chosen for your daughter. About how I searched for
air fare that night to come out for at least a day to hug and kiss her, as well as you.

In the end it is just overwhelming happiness that I feel. I'm so happy to be an Uncle. I love this picture you sent and the ones you posted on the Zenfolio site. Keep them coming and we'll talk soon... Dad.

Love ya

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A change of summer plans

Dear Mark

This weekend I decided I was not going to run the full marathon in Portland. I am now aiming for a half marathon. My reasoning is that summer has finally arrived in Seattle and I did not want to spend every weekend so tired from training. I had a great time this last weekend with the family. This week Jack and I have bike commuted every day (something I had not been doing because the load of all the running and riding was too tiring, I'm old. I get it. Grin). I've not regretted the decision.

This was the view from the Fremont Bridge yesterday morning. We stopped as a big ship was coming through and the draw bridge was up. Jack looks entirely too cool on the bike with his shades. He constantly tells me he is the God of Thunder!!!! I'm so proud (Thor Hushovd reference for you non-cyclists).

Hope things are going well for. I know the East Coast has been hot. Seattle is just now seeing some nice weather. I expect us all to be complaining about 78 degree heat within the week.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Due Date Conversations

Dear Mark

Well it's August 8th and your son/daughter's due date has come and not even a knock at the door. I wanted to share our text conversation so that he/she can see how sensitive her/his Father and Uncle were on this day.

Jeff: I am suppose to be an uncle today. Wassup? :)
Mark: Patience. Soon you will join the exclusive Uncle club. there are tshirts and meetings. You will be assigned an uncle category, weird, angry or cool.
Mark: Seriously, Doc said she ain't even dilated a lit bit.

Jeff: So teh kids seems to have your sense of hurry. Oh good.
Mark: Yeah like a seminare paper due date.
Jeff: LOL. Siobhan wont want to be preggie that long though.

Jeff: Uncle Club? Will there be snacks at the meetings? I'd want snacks.
Mark: More people will come if we have punch and pie
Jeff: Punch and pie!

So I guess my little still-stewing Nephew or Niece can take heart that his/her Uncle was pretty excited about his/her arrival. He/She can look back and think, "wow that is pretty cool. I mean it didn't make me hurry or anything because like I find my head hurts when I hurry too much, but Dad says that I'll get use to that. But my Uncle and family are pretty neat. Hey Jack, do you find you can't hold still because of your Dadna? Jack...? Jack..? Where'd you go Cous? Stop organizing my room you twit!!...." and so on.

I can't wait to hear the good news. Everyone is sending you three the happy thoughts. Can't wait for the introduction. I promise that I'll likely cry like the happy Uncle I'll be.

BTW, Jack has guessed that you'll be having a Boy.

Love ya Bro!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Le Tour Results

Dear Mark

Just a follow up now that the Tour is over. My predictions were 66.6% right. Voeckler didn't make the podium but Andy's brother Frank did. So Cadel finished on top of a Schleck sandwich. Not a bad end to the Tour. I would rank this as one the best I've watched. I'm still bummed so many contenders crashed out. It did really change the race a lot.

At home Jack insisted that Thor Hushovd (the God of Thunder!!!) won the Tour not Cadel, but I can hardly blame him when he lives in the Norwegian biased Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Jack suggested that we watch the bike race this past weekend. He looked sad when I told him there was no bike race (I mean sure the Tour of Polland, but yawn!). Anyway, he was well
hooked on the bike race and I was just a little (a lot) proud of that.

Lavi snagged this picture of Jack giving his own version of finish line celebration. Try to tell me this kid isn't paying attention will ya.

Cheers for now. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

On your left,