Monday, July 11, 2011

Jack and Calvin drop the Peloton!

Dear Mark

As you know, Calvin and Jack have known each other since they were 6 weeks old. Bridie (Calvin's Mom) and I have been mocking up photos of the two for a few years now. Bridie has really out done herself with the latest one though.

This is the Team to look out for in 2035 when Jack claims the Yellow jersey. I suspect Calvin will be wearing the Polka dot jersey as he is shaping himself into a climber's body for sure. Now if we can talk Uncle Joey into getting Sabine and Daria into the Podium Girl circuit...

I can hear Paul Sherwen saying "Calvin and Jack from Team (Insert popular company needing marketing exposure in an international market here) have just dropped the Peloton and are pedaling ahead on their own." Only to be followed by Phil saying "I'm not sure I've seen an entire Peloton dropped like this before, but the young boys from the American squad are doing just that!"

Jens Voight will likely being doing German TV commentary and saying something in German that translated to "This is how the stages of the Tour should be. The strongest go out and put the Peloton on notice like Jack and Calvin are doing right now."

French TV will likely cut to commercial at this point rather than watch two Americans crush the peloton.

Panama TV will try to claim Jack as one of their own since he has dual citizenship, but will not pre-empt LOTTO drawing coverage to do so.

ESPN will have one link on their web site about the breakaway and win buried under Olympic Sports. Sportscenter will mention it as they go to commercial. though will host several quizzes about the NW duo!

FoxNews will likely talk about NASCAR on their sports segment that day.

Alberto Contador will still be talking only about himself on Spanish TV.

On your left,

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