Monday, May 2, 2011

Bike to work month

Dear Mark

May has now become Bike To Work Month for many of us cycling individuals. Not simply content with a day in May, we have now take over the entire month. That is right "Month of May we are in you!"

At work we have a few teams that are competing for the most daily trips. I have vowed to ride as many days as I can. I'm going to do this every work day (with the exception of next week as I travel to SJ) and I will do it with Jack on board.

I'm going to try and blog each day we ride in order to share. I do love riding with Jack. He sees so many more different things than I do. I assume that is because I'm either so intent on safety that my laser like focus doesn't let me see some of the nice things we ride by. Likely it's because he's heavy and I'm just laboring to get up a hill.

Today's ride was good. Here in Seattle your rides are judged less about headwind and moreabout avoiding the rain clouds. We did just that today. It dumped rain about 20 minutes after I arrived at work. Score! However, we did suffer 2 flat tires. I think Jack had fun changing them with me though. You will see them referenced in my TdF Dadna twitter feed. A source of comical (to me only likely) inspiration. Side thought, so many of my tweets only make sense if you know some cycling. Do you think Mom looks them up or just asks Dad why they are funny.

Changing the tire I some how messed up my already precarious rear disc brake. I'll have to have the shop do a quick check. Luckily for me I have not 1 but 2 bikes I can ride with Jack. Tomorrow we will cruise in with the Burley solo while I find some shop time for the extracycle.

More thoughts on commuting later. Off to bed soon for me. Got to be ready for tomorrow's ride. I'm raising a champion after all.

On your left,

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