Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bike To Work Month - Day 3 Sunshine & Gravity

Dear Mark

Today was a stellar day for cycling in the NW. A sunny day was a pure treat. Jack and I were back on the Xtracycle today. I find it very amusing that Jack will request that I go faster more when we are traveling uphill than downhill. I wish he was older so that I could teach him about this thing we call gravity and its affect on me as I climb hills. Granted I would also have to teach him that his Dadna is old, tired and and times just not as fit as the individuals we discuss when we watch bicycle racing on TV. Still, all in all a great day of cycling.

Jack likes to chat while we cycle, and in that he's a chip off the old block. My friend Joey was with me on a ride one day long ago when we met up with some friends. After cycling for only a few miles Joey informed our companions that "yes, Jeff is going to say Hi to everyone we pass, meet and fly by on the trail today." So, it does appear Jack takes after me.

Jack really likes to point out when other cyclists are not wearing their helmet. He does this quite loudly at times. The helmet-less offender is quite often in earshot. Jack explains that this is a very "bad choice" and that if you fall you need a helmet or a policeman and ambulance will have to come and help you. He's very serious about it. I simply answer him that we make good choices in wearing helmets to which he agrees. I then give the helmet-less offender a disapproving glance and a "what you gonna do, he's adorable when he's pointing out how wrong you are" look and we cycle by.

At other times Jack is again wanting me to "go faster Dadna, faster." I love that my son has faith in his Dadna to be able to rocket up a hill like a skinny little hill climber that has been doped on his own headlines. I try to explain that we need to be safe so Dadna can't go too fast uphill. Mentioning safety seems to satisfy him, at least for now.

Well, this Dadna is off to bed. I hope you are getting some good weather where you are and enjoying it as much as Seattle seemed to enjoy the sunshine today.

On your left,

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