Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bike To Work Month - Day 2 the Burley

Dear Mark

Another day and another bike ride to work. Jack and I took the Burley trailer today because the Xtracycle bike needed some brake tuning that I did not have time for. I think it is down right awesome that I have multiple options for commuting with my 3.5 year old son. Awesome and quite unsurprising I would guess.

Every ride it seems I discover something new in my thoughts. Riding is a great time to have some "me" time in my head. Face it, when you are grunting up a hill its even hard for me to have a conversation, just saying. As I was pulling Jack in the trailer I realized something... my kid is getting to be a big boy! I mean he almost doesn't fit in the Burley Solo anymore. He was hitting his head on the roof and just big for it. I think I see selling it off in my near future.

Riding with the Burley is a different experience. First, the trailer alone is 20 pounds. So you have that behind you. Add in a 40+ pound kid. Sprinkle on a heavily filled pannier with laptop and other things. Add on some lights and fenders and you've got a lot to pull. Luckily my quads are not afraid of the challenge, but it is still daunting. The Burley also catches the wind a lot more and I feel that as I ride. It feels like some one is grabbing my waistband as I try to run forward.

On the way home from school we rode to Jack's friend Calvin's house for dinner and a bit of play. Then we rode home. It was fun to ride to and from our destination. Maybe not as much fun up big hills when Dadna is tired, but fun overall. And I give Jack a lot of credit. He appears to really enjoy riding with me. I'm so grateful to the powers of universe for that.

This week Lavi has been traveling. Since she has left the car has stayed park and I'm hoping we can do that all week. Interestingly enough I have a big pile of drying cleaning at work I have to get home, so I smell a car commute one day as a result. We'll see.

Tomorrow we are back on the Xtracycle, which we both enjoy more. Keep the rubber side and keep them rolling.

On your left,

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