Friday, May 20, 2011

Bike To Work Day 2011

Dear Mark

My Holy Day has arrived, yes today is Bike To Work Day. Jack and I cruised in among a throng of cyclists. It was as if a peloton engulfed our fair city. On top of that temperatures will reach 70 today. A fine day to celebrate on 2 wheels.

Doesn't he look cool and relaxed back there?

Jack and I stopped by a few of the bike to work day stations and enjoyed the time with our fellow cyclists.

Jack and I soon headed out and up the hill to his school. Here we are ahead of some school friends in their car.

Here at work we do a lot to encourage and help. While I won't blog about it specifically I will say that I'm proud that over 17% of our on-site population rode their bikes today. Amazing effort from my co-workers.

I tweeted under TdF_Dadna yesterday "If Bike To Work Day is our holy day, then the Champs-Elysees must be mecca for me and my son" which seemed appropriate.

Jack and I have been having a lot of fun on the bike this week. He even had the odacity to ask me to ride faster... uphill... into a head wind. I'll be glad when he understands simple things like physics, gravity, wind speed reduction, pacing and proper on-cycling fueling.

Okay, off to work and already looking forward to the ride home with Jack!

On your left!

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