Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dancing on the Pedals!

Dear Mark

Last night Jason and I got to meet Phil Ligget. I know you probably don't know who he is, but he is to cycling commentary that Howard Cosell was to ABC sports, or how Christian Schnobein is to fuel cell engineering. Cascade Bicycle Club sent me tickets and I shared the night with Jason, much to the jealousy of many of my cycling buddies and wife. I'll write more soon. You should check out the Twitter role on the side too.

Here are two quick pictures though. One of Jason and me with Phil. The other is what he signed in his book. I asked him to sign it for Jack. Seems like Jack will have one more fan in 2035 when he races for Yellow.

I'm still "dancing on the pedals" from meeting this iconic personality in cycling.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Bike To Work Day 2011

Dear Mark

My Holy Day has arrived, yes today is Bike To Work Day. Jack and I cruised in among a throng of cyclists. It was as if a peloton engulfed our fair city. On top of that temperatures will reach 70 today. A fine day to celebrate on 2 wheels.

Doesn't he look cool and relaxed back there?

Jack and I stopped by a few of the bike to work day stations and enjoyed the time with our fellow cyclists.

Jack and I soon headed out and up the hill to his school. Here we are ahead of some school friends in their car.

Here at work we do a lot to encourage and help. While I won't blog about it specifically I will say that I'm proud that over 17% of our on-site population rode their bikes today. Amazing effort from my co-workers.

I tweeted under TdF_Dadna yesterday "If Bike To Work Day is our holy day, then the Champs-Elysees must be mecca for me and my son" which seemed appropriate.

Jack and I have been having a lot of fun on the bike this week. He even had the odacity to ask me to ride faster... uphill... into a head wind. I'll be glad when he understands simple things like physics, gravity, wind speed reduction, pacing and proper on-cycling fueling.

Okay, off to work and already looking forward to the ride home with Jack!

On your left!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jack kept riding while Dadna was away

Dear Mark

I literally just landed in Seattle after being gone for a week in San Jose. This put a dent in my bike commuting this week. In fact while I did walk every where this week, which was green, the only thing I worked out was my brain at the Adobe Tech Summit. Well that and my liver most likely.

Jack did not let the fact that his Dadna was gone deter him from daily riding. Here's a snap of him on his newest bike. A two wheeler with pedals.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bike To Work Month - Day 3 Sunshine & Gravity

Dear Mark

Today was a stellar day for cycling in the NW. A sunny day was a pure treat. Jack and I were back on the Xtracycle today. I find it very amusing that Jack will request that I go faster more when we are traveling uphill than downhill. I wish he was older so that I could teach him about this thing we call gravity and its affect on me as I climb hills. Granted I would also have to teach him that his Dadna is old, tired and and times just not as fit as the individuals we discuss when we watch bicycle racing on TV. Still, all in all a great day of cycling.

Jack likes to chat while we cycle, and in that he's a chip off the old block. My friend Joey was with me on a ride one day long ago when we met up with some friends. After cycling for only a few miles Joey informed our companions that "yes, Jeff is going to say Hi to everyone we pass, meet and fly by on the trail today." So, it does appear Jack takes after me.

Jack really likes to point out when other cyclists are not wearing their helmet. He does this quite loudly at times. The helmet-less offender is quite often in earshot. Jack explains that this is a very "bad choice" and that if you fall you need a helmet or a policeman and ambulance will have to come and help you. He's very serious about it. I simply answer him that we make good choices in wearing helmets to which he agrees. I then give the helmet-less offender a disapproving glance and a "what you gonna do, he's adorable when he's pointing out how wrong you are" look and we cycle by.

At other times Jack is again wanting me to "go faster Dadna, faster." I love that my son has faith in his Dadna to be able to rocket up a hill like a skinny little hill climber that has been doped on his own headlines. I try to explain that we need to be safe so Dadna can't go too fast uphill. Mentioning safety seems to satisfy him, at least for now.

Well, this Dadna is off to bed. I hope you are getting some good weather where you are and enjoying it as much as Seattle seemed to enjoy the sunshine today.

On your left,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bike To Work Month - Day 2 the Burley

Dear Mark

Another day and another bike ride to work. Jack and I took the Burley trailer today because the Xtracycle bike needed some brake tuning that I did not have time for. I think it is down right awesome that I have multiple options for commuting with my 3.5 year old son. Awesome and quite unsurprising I would guess.

Every ride it seems I discover something new in my thoughts. Riding is a great time to have some "me" time in my head. Face it, when you are grunting up a hill its even hard for me to have a conversation, just saying. As I was pulling Jack in the trailer I realized something... my kid is getting to be a big boy! I mean he almost doesn't fit in the Burley Solo anymore. He was hitting his head on the roof and just big for it. I think I see selling it off in my near future.

Riding with the Burley is a different experience. First, the trailer alone is 20 pounds. So you have that behind you. Add in a 40+ pound kid. Sprinkle on a heavily filled pannier with laptop and other things. Add on some lights and fenders and you've got a lot to pull. Luckily my quads are not afraid of the challenge, but it is still daunting. The Burley also catches the wind a lot more and I feel that as I ride. It feels like some one is grabbing my waistband as I try to run forward.

On the way home from school we rode to Jack's friend Calvin's house for dinner and a bit of play. Then we rode home. It was fun to ride to and from our destination. Maybe not as much fun up big hills when Dadna is tired, but fun overall. And I give Jack a lot of credit. He appears to really enjoy riding with me. I'm so grateful to the powers of universe for that.

This week Lavi has been traveling. Since she has left the car has stayed park and I'm hoping we can do that all week. Interestingly enough I have a big pile of drying cleaning at work I have to get home, so I smell a car commute one day as a result. We'll see.

Tomorrow we are back on the Xtracycle, which we both enjoy more. Keep the rubber side and keep them rolling.

On your left,

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bike to work month

Dear Mark

May has now become Bike To Work Month for many of us cycling individuals. Not simply content with a day in May, we have now take over the entire month. That is right "Month of May we are in you!"

At work we have a few teams that are competing for the most daily trips. I have vowed to ride as many days as I can. I'm going to do this every work day (with the exception of next week as I travel to SJ) and I will do it with Jack on board.

I'm going to try and blog each day we ride in order to share. I do love riding with Jack. He sees so many more different things than I do. I assume that is because I'm either so intent on safety that my laser like focus doesn't let me see some of the nice things we ride by. Likely it's because he's heavy and I'm just laboring to get up a hill.

Today's ride was good. Here in Seattle your rides are judged less about headwind and moreabout avoiding the rain clouds. We did just that today. It dumped rain about 20 minutes after I arrived at work. Score! However, we did suffer 2 flat tires. I think Jack had fun changing them with me though. You will see them referenced in my TdF Dadna twitter feed. A source of comical (to me only likely) inspiration. Side thought, so many of my tweets only make sense if you know some cycling. Do you think Mom looks them up or just asks Dad why they are funny.

Changing the tire I some how messed up my already precarious rear disc brake. I'll have to have the shop do a quick check. Luckily for me I have not 1 but 2 bikes I can ride with Jack. Tomorrow we will cruise in with the Burley solo while I find some shop time for the extracycle.

More thoughts on commuting later. Off to bed soon for me. Got to be ready for tomorrow's ride. I'm raising a champion after all.

On your left,