Monday, April 25, 2011

Shark1 is in the Tank

Hey Jeff,

[warning this blog post has been a work in progress for quite a while so some references may be dated]

So there’s big news out of the East Coast. No it’s not another snow storm [see, right there, dated reference], no Tom Brady hasn’t got a new hairstyle, no Northampton has not been voted “coolest place for ex-NW-pats to reside” (although it should). No, none of that nonsense, the really big news is that Team Shark is adding a member. We’re proud to announce that we are expecting. Shark1, or the Orzo as we have grown to call it since we read that it was once the size of a grain of rice, is due 8/8/11. Currently Mom and Orzo are doing well. At the 5 month inspection with the doc the week before last [again dated reference] we got confirmation of such things as 10 finger and 10 toes, heart is in the chest, etc. etc.. The kid was doing some sort of fist pump action in there too. I’m thinking it was a good old fashioned Billy Idol fist pump just like his/her super cool Dad. [We just had the 6 month inspection and all is good under the hood]

We’ve decided to wait until D-day to be find out boy or girl. Right now I’m thinking it is a girl and Siobhan is thinking it’s a boy. Predictions are subject to change depending on what old wives tale we are currently listening too. Seriously, I heard one about how large the mom’s nostrils are as it relates to the baby’s gender. Siobhan got wicked annoyed when I tried to measure with my micrometer (no that didn’t really happen, but I wouldn’t put it past me).

Thanks to the incredibly brutal winter this year and Siobhan’s desire/need to be within 15 feet of a place to fall asleep at all times (mostly need, apparently pregnancy is tiring, who knew!?) we’ve been spending a lot of time at home. This has allowed us to work a lot on the baby’s room. Siobhan has always had this vision of the baby’s room. So, like a fool, I took out pen and paper, did my best contractor impression “sure, we can do that, but it’ll cost ya” and away we went on a long project. It’s been a labor of love and I’ve come to appreciate just how talented an artist Siobhan really is. The room ended like this....

I’ve inhaled enough Disney paint sample fumes that I’m sure I’ll never be able to fully grasp the thermodynamic principal of fugacity again, of course… I never really did. We kept Siobhan away from the fumes, but she had to do all of the drawing.

Can’t really put into words how I’m feeling. I’ve been saying that it’s a mix of excited and terrified. I can’t wait to meet the Orzo, I just hope it’s ready for us.

Now this is kind of a silly post to be addressed to you since you’ve been in the know for quite a while, but I know that there may be other family and friends that you and Mom have not gotten to, plus our one or two voyeuristic blog readers out there (Hi Phil, hi Barry, hope things are good in your respective cell blocks!)

More to come, oh yeah! I promise. J



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