Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bicycling in the Seattle Sun!

Dear Mark

We had a very unusual thing happen today, the sun came out. All of Seattle was quit shocked. The Weatherman predicted it, but we all took a "we'll believe it when we see it approached" as that individual has little to no credibility in this city. Still, he/she was right and the sun came out. It has been the coldest April on record for some time. This is evidenced by the facts that it will be a high of 60-65 today and it is April 23rd and by the fact that there are a lot of white legs in shorts wandering my city today.

Jack and I went to the park today. They have a new playground at Sandel Park in Greenwood. Our neighbors were going and Jack heard "playground" and just had to join in the fun. We walked/biked over. This means that Jack rode his two wheel balance bike (Prince Lionheart) and I walked along side. He's getting very fast on his bike and I confess to a quick trot at times to keep up. I will say he's good about watching for traffic and being aware of the street. I'm very happy, but still get nervous as a parent with him.

Jack got to the park and we hit the swings and the playground. We saw our neighbors and even our friend Rachelle was there with her kids. Jack eventually wanted to ride his bike. He did a few laps of the park. The kid was flying on that bike. He just cruised. His balance on the bike is great. I took several pictures that you can see in this slide show below.

The playground has a few "hills" in it. They slope down to the playground. He can get going pretty fast, almost too fast for his Dadna's liking. But I know I have to let him try things and just give him advice as he goes. I am proud that he "rode" up the hill too. He didn't push the bike or complain but scooted right up. That is my boy!

I love that he likes his bike. I mean really love it. You know how much I enjoy cycling. To see him liking it, wanting to ride every day and doing so well... I tell you I just beam with pride. I'm quite ridiculous I'm sure. The pictures above show him riding around the park but does not show the speed.

The next two videos kind of show how well he handles this bike.


This weekend the race Liege-Baston-Liege will run. It is one of the oldest races and truly a classic. Jack and I will watch it at his request. I kid you not. He asked to watch a bike race. If this kid is just brown-nosing me then I simply will ask him not to stop.

I'm off to enjoy some sun myself. I have a long run in store this afternoon. I wanted to post this for you to see. I hope all is well on the East Coast and that you two are getting some sunshine as well.


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