Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rum and coke

Dear Mark

You may recall that I've been attempting to "master" a new drink/cocktail each month. January was the Sidecar. I am hoping to be able to serve a drink to guests that doesn't have tequila in it. Partly to hoard the good stuff to myself and also I make my margaritas a bit strong.

February was dedicated to the gin and tonic. A classic drink that is quick and easy. The challenge was in the gin selection. I sampled Tanguray, Bombay Saphire and Hendricks. The Hendricks was too good to really mix actually. I've settled for having Bombay on hand as my choice.

In March, while in Panama, I turned my attention to the rum and coke. I've never been a huge fan, mostly because there were other options. However, Panama does make rum locally and I thought I'd give it a try. After sampling a few Panamanian Rums I've settled on "Abuelo" as my choice.

I find that a 50/50 mix over ice is mighty fine. A drink to be consumed when you want to slow it down and when it's hot.

I'd admit that this was an easy one to work on, but one of my rules was to have easy ingredients on hand. I mean rum and coke, pretty easy. I cannot tell you how often not having a fresh lime on hand has nixed a good margarita idea.

Well, I'm off to enjoy another. In April I'm going to tackle the Vesper. It will be 007 tribute. This will prove to be difficult because Lillet is hard to come by so I'll report on the poor man's Vesper too.

Cheers (literally)

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Mark said...

Careful! I had a vesper once. I can still taste it... sometimes... late at night... bleeeeeech!