Thursday, March 10, 2011

Panama - The Smell of Salt

Dear Mark

A quick post here about something I think you will find interesting. LaLa (Jack's abuela) was cooking Soupa de Pollo after we arrived in Chica today. I was thinking of you and Mom because the smell of this soup you would love. The reason is that the soup smelled of salt, in a good way. Knowing that you are both addicted to this element of the periodic table I just know you would have loved this soup.

Soupa de pollo is a pretty common dish, especially in the interior. Soup is a midday meal. It usually has a little protein and a lot of starchy vegetables. Some will debate that only certain vegetables can be used, but I've had it with a variety so I'm not going to be picky or elitist.

Here is a picture of LaLa cooking the soup.

Let me just say, it was delicious.


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