Thursday, March 10, 2011

Panama - The change in my wife

Dear Mark

I failed to write about one thing that always happens as we travel to Panama. It's a change in Lavi that I notice over and over. I think I've finally nailed down what happens and what the triggers are.

In the past, we would get to Panama and Lavi would just relax in a way I had never seen before. I just figured it was her being home that did it. It is kind of what you are like when you hold an Alaskan Amber Ale in your hand and are talking Larry. There is a just point of relaxation that home brings you. I know it when I see a bit of light rain. It may not be the same for everyone. So when I would see Lavi sort of "act" differently it was cute and fun. But other things started to occur that I could not explain, and they did not all happen in Panama. Some events began as soon as we purchased tickets. Most would occur days before and during travel.

On the way to Panama Lavi would ask me questions that were out of character. Here are some examples.
1. At the beginning of the day of travel she is adamant about being on time, but as we get closer to Panamanian soil I can't light the fire of "hurry" under her.
2. I talk to her quickly in English about something technical and she just sort of glosses over me with a cute "uh-huh, okay" even when I'm not asking a question.
3. The question "is my hair responding to the humidity yet?" comes up about 3-5 times as we begin our descent into Panama (which is sort of a trick question, because she wants it to but it also means the volume of her hair has tripled)

It came to me all of sudden. The questions she asked and the situations reminded me of another thing she does that is equally as cute and adorable. I've often said that you can tell when Lavi is thinking in Spanish vs. English. It use to be the way her English would come out. There were times when it would just sound, different. Not bad or wrong, mind you. Just a different rhythm if you know what I mean. I observe this when she is cooking, and especially when her brother Ben is helping her. Another time this comes out is when she is hanging out with her friend Julie. The half Spanish half English they chatter in is adorable. I think there are certain things that Lavi does that trigger which language she is thinking in.

Thus, I have a hypothesis: Lavi beings to think pre-dominantly in "Panamanian" as we approach the country.

Basically what I see happening is that Lavi switches from thinking in English to thinking in Spanish, and dare I say thinking in "Panamanian." It's beyond cute to see the physical affect that being home has on her. It makes me wonder what affect being in Seattle has on you. Perhaps this phenomenon can help Siobhan explain some of your peculiar traits. Like how you like to listen to bands that no one but us listens to (Yes, I'm speaking of Goodness Mark, face facts. I had to face it with Flake. Only Rod and I listen to them, and of course Lavi and Lisa by osmosis).

My wife is already quite cute to me. When she is at home in Panama she is truly who she is. I'm quite glad that she shares this with me. I sort of wish all our friends could see her at home. She's not different really in the strict sense of the word, but she is a wonder to watch. I'm a lucky one.


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