Thursday, March 10, 2011

Panama - Backyard Jungle (La Chorrera)

Dear Mark

Lavi's Mom's house in La Chorrera has a modest sized garden in her backyard. You and I would call it a borderline jungle zoo exhibit, seeing that is the only way you and I have ever seen such fauna. I can hear the birds chirping away from there in the morning and throughout the day. The first day here I ate 2 bananas from her tree. They were delicious. Fresh beyond anything we get in the states.

Jack spent time in the backyard juggle with LaLa this morning (Jack calls Lavi's Mom "LaLa" which is short for "Abuela"). He feed bananas to the birds by laying them out and open for them to snack on later. He then picked beautiful pink flowers call Veranera for his Mama. He found a young palm frond which he used as his sword and ant killer. He then picked mint from the garden, which he then instructed me to make tea from later. He made me promise. He then played a rousing game of hide n' seek with LaLa. He mostly used the banana tree and leaves to hide behind. They had to leave when LaLa noticed that the birds were waiting for them to leave so they could eat. Coincidentally this was about the time that LaLa was getting tired. It was a 2-for-1 reason.

I've mentioned that Jack watches a lot of Dinosaur Train. Dr. Scott the Paleontologist talks to the children about "getting out into nature and making your own discoveries." I think Jack did that quite well today. I'm just waiting for him to ask for a banana tree in our backyard and then me having to explain what a temperate zone 4 climate can grow in the way of fruit. I'm sure Lavi will cry during the conversation.

LaLa's backyard is pretty cool. I took some pictures to show you below.

Look at how lush it is even during Dry season. By the by, did you know Panama only has two seasons; Wet and Dry? Sounds like a martini order, but it is for the seasons. It is Dry season now. This means it is much hotter, but the humidity is not as high. So it's a mixed blessing. LaLa's backyard has Banana, Papaya and Noni, orange, lemon and lime fruit. She has mint and palm trees. She has hot peppers and she has orchids. I've seen beautiful birds with dark red feathers and hummingbirds. The backyard is probably only 40 feet by 30 feet but it is more tropical then what we ever saw growing up in Seattle.

Jack is in for a treat though. If he likes the backyard jungle at the La Chorrera house he is going to geek out at the house at Chica. The garden in Chica is like comparing our Connie and Roy's garden to the Kingdom. Seriously it's off the hook.

More later,


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