Friday, March 25, 2011

Mom & the Dictionary

Dear Mark

I saw this today in the news and I figured I should tell you I'm worried about how Mom will take the news.
"Internet slang like LOL and OMG are commonplace on sites like Twitter and Facebook or in GChat and AIM, but do they belong in the dictionary? The Oxford English Dictionary says yes; LOL, OMG, and FYI were added to the March 2011 release of the OED Online dictionary."
Now remember, Mom is still the card carrying member of the "Save the Hyphen" club so I think that this might upset her. I mean Oxford Dictionary is taking a chance here for sure. Adding abbreviations spawn from lazy teenage thumb typists is not a good trend.

What is next? IKR? BTWN? Yes, I think Mom will be quite upset over the abuse of her native tongue. Although she might be happy to know that the French will likely take a stand against it, but that only helps her when she's having cocktails.

While this may be bad news for Mom, it likely will help us in our Scrabble game. I always struggle with finding good words with "y" so FYI is a perfect high scorer.