Saturday, February 19, 2011

Problem: Cold. Solution: Panama

Dear Mark

I've just about had it. I mean I'm getting really fed up and need a change. I'm not talking about the amount of tattoos in the NBA (although that pisses me off too), or how rude cars can be to bicycles, or your lack of posts. No I'm talking about winter. I mean when do we get a rest? When will it warm up? When will I stop rusting and start sunburning?

Now, I'm sure our "wimpy NW winter" will cause you to write prose and verse about the ragnarok that is the NE Winter season. Yes, you have had more feet of snow this year than the past 20 put together in Seattle. Yes, you all have your streets cleared before the coffee is done brewing in the morning. But around here, I'm getting sick of it.

It might be that it has been cold and wet a lot. The cold seems to persist. It gets in the way. Jack and I want to go ride our bikes soon. All this cold weather is getting in the way of my training plan for the 2035 Tour de France champion (just follow TdF_Dadna to know that). I mean the Tour is not won in July right? You have to train for it. He's losing time every day it is cold.

I think another reason the cold is getting to me is that Lavi reminds me about it… daily… hourly on some days. She's a tough cookie but winters do test her resolve, and I might say her unconditional love of a certain NW native. I actually think that in some parts of Panama it is illegal to wear as many layers of clothing that she has to each day in the winter. I give her credit though, she gets dressed up and heads out with Jack and me any chance she gets. She's cute in the winter, but don't push it (I'm told).

No, I think the real reason is that I have visit to Panama coming soon. The thought of some warm weather (excellent food and relaxation as well) is making me anxious. Oh yeah, did I mention that?

I surprised Lavi with the chance to take the family to Panama on our 15 year anniversary. 15 years ago we honeymooned in Panama and now we are taking Jack with us. I'm really excited. Two and a half weeks and a chance to warm up. I've been checking the weather on my iPhone daily. Look at this screenshot, taken tonight at 7:54pm. The weather in Panama at the same time (11:54pm) is 77 degrees.

I've been to Panama many times now, I'm quite lucky. I still find it funny that they only have two seasons, dry and wet. It's quirky that in Panama the sun sets and rises within 30 minutes of the same time all year long. I am so looking forward to the trip. To be warm, to relax, to eat my weight in ceviche (hopefully Lavi's Mom's but I'll take store bought too).

Yep, I think good old Panama has the solution for my cold problem. I'm getting on a plane with my family soon and heading south. It seems to work for the birds and who am I to argue with them.


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