Sunday, February 27, 2011

Panama Bound! CYA in 3 weeks

Dear Mark

The family and I are headed out on vacation to Panama. I can't wait. Tomorrow will be a long day of travel, but the pay off will be that warm wet feeling I get when 85 degrees and 90% humidity slaps me in the face when I step off the air plane. I'm so sick of being cold. Sunshine and warmth is what I'm looking forward to.

Last year in May we took a family trip to Hawaii. I was so excited to go to Hawaii. I mean who would not be excited, right? I was thinking of just sitting on a beach, getting some sun, taking a dip in the water... ahhh relaxation. With a 2.5 year old it just wasn't that way. Now, don't get me wrong we had a good time and it was fun. But the relaxing part of the vacation never really materialized. The routine of the 2.5 year old was one part I admit. However, the biggest part was the notion (crazy in hindsight to the point of embarrassment) that I would really have time to myself. Again, disclaimer it was not through any fault of Lavi or really Jack. It was mostly me. I just didn't visualize the trip being about the daily routine. It was vacation, not... real-life? Isn't vacation a break from that?

This time things will be different for a few reasons. First, we are going to Panama and we'll have family to rely on for things, more than just help with Jack but food, getting around, etc. Second, Jack is a year older and more able himself. I expect him to do better, still be a 3.5 year old but better. Last though is that my mindset is much different. I don't have illusions of sitting in a hammock drinking Cerveza Panama all day and night. Nor do I have the hope of long naps and soaking up the rays at the beach. No, my hope and drive for the day is to get up and find things to do with Jack and Lavi. What new adventures can we show him? What can we introduce him to? What about Panama can I discover again through his eyes. I think that is the biggest change. I'm really ready for a "family vacation" together. I simply can't wait.

I know there will be issues, he's 3.5 and, lets face it I'm me with my own issues right. But I think there is so much to do that we can just have fun each day being on vacation. Already this weekend I've been on vacation 2 days. We've talked about it a lot and what it means to be on vacation. We're all just having a good relaxing time already.

I'm ready for a break though, I tell ya. A break from work and from this weather. Did I mention that already? I think I may have.

Tomorrow is a long flight to Houston and then a connection to Panama City. Then the car ride to Chorrera. We'll be there in less than 24 hours, but traveling is never a quick 24 hours.

I'll talk to you in 3 weeks. Be sure to call Mom & Dad lots. With out us around in town you just know they will worry about something. I'm probably asking for trouble but I set up a new computer for our father today and now I'm leaving town. Here's hoping it does go awry.

Okay, off to put Jack to bed. We have to wake up so early for our flight I'm sure I'll still be able to taste the toothpaste from the night time routine.


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