Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2011

Dear Mark

I wrote you about a new resolution that I made which was to master some classic cocktail recipes. Not all of my 2011 resolutions were based in bad ideas though. Lavinia and I made several this year that are proving to be quite fun. We took an approach based on the goal of building good habits. Habits are said to form after 3 weeks of consistent routine. I think it helps when you don't sleep most of the day during those 3 weeks, which explains how you avoided picking up habits during high school.

This year we decided to tackle something every month. We will try it out and see how we do, hopefully building a good habit. We wanted to do things that the whole family could do, or at a minimum we both could do. I'll share the list with you each month, simply because we reserve the right to change things around.

January 2011 - Workout 3x a week.
Our goal was to start working out three times a week. We both set some mid-year goals to reach, nothing as lofty as riding my bike across the US, but good goals. To that end we both wanted to start exercising 3x a week. I'm not sure who has done better, I think the it goes to Lavi. She's managed to get out for her walks at a minimum of 5x a week. I'm very proud of her. I myself have been running 3x a week and making it for a some core strength work 2x a week. I managed to start reserving my lunch times for working out and have stuck with it, not letting work derail me.

So January is in the bag. February is going to be a tough one for me though. The goal is to not eat lunch out but 1x a week. This is going to be very hard for me. I'm lazy when it comes to making my lunch and I'd rather just pick something up. However, Lavi is inspired to cook some things I'll really like. I already have a tupperware (mexi-tupper from Luisa's) of arroz con pollo for this week waiting for me. Wish me luck!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, the lunch one is hard, I usually cook a big batch of something on the week end (this week it is chili and rice) and make the individual tupperware for a couple of days. I has taken a while to stick, but now I really enjoy having my own food for lunch, and so is Matt.
Good luck