Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Dear Jeff,

Don’t be alarmed, but you and I just had a FLAPJACK situation. Do you need to be alarmed? Is it more dangerous than breakfast food? Should you be under your desk? Should you short sale your long term investments? Is there a special dress code required? Are you thinking you already had a Flapjack situation that one time in college? No worries it’s just a Team Shark code word.

Now, quick aside to bring everyone else up to speed. So it was ~10:15 AM East Coast time and my work line jingles. It is 2011 now and everyone I need to talk to for work uses email so phone calls are either telemarketers or at ~10:15 AM East Coast time (ie 7:15 AM West Coast time – that’s a calculated three hours behind for you Deron) it must be someone who desperately needs to chat with another human being that won’t be making zoom zoom noises with his Lightening McQueen play car, ie my brother. Not that I don’t feel the love wholly, it’s just that I know he has no one else to call that early in the morning and it’s the one time (I hope) that he enjoys that I moved across the county.

So Jeff and I are chatting about this and that and he asks me something personal and I say well “I had Flapjacks for breakfast”. Not the best response and caused some genuine confusion for my brother. “Flapjacks” is a code word that Siobhan and I came up with to use on the phone whenever we were in a situation where we didn’t want to talk about something. Mostly this is necessary because we both work in horrible cubicle situations and all of our coworkers can hear our conversations. The other problem is that we’re extremely, extremely, cool and folks are wicked into us. As soon as I hang up the phone the gophers will poke their heads up…”so that was your brother?” or “so you’re going to the grocery store after work” or “so that fungal medicine really works huh?”. It’s just a nice way of saying, I can’t really talk about that now and here and keeps our personal stuff personal.

I just wanted to explain the “Flapjack Situation” to ya.



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