Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Bowl: A game, a family rivalry and the posts

Dear Mark

The Holiday Bowl was tonight. You may not have known that the UW was playing Nebraska, but it still occurred. One person who knew (well all of Nebraska knew, but that was a given) was our cousin Katie. She started the trash talking a little early on Facebook. Since you are technology challenged, despite being an Engineer, I wanted to share the posts and trash talking with you.

Katie Posted first
"The day has finally come, Jeff Moran. Nebraska vs. Washington: The Battle of 2 Cousins Part Deux! Will Nebraska dominate once again, or will Jake Locker actually complete some passes in this game? Go Big Red!!!!
  • Jeff responded/commented: "Jack and I are ready to root on the dawgs!"
  • Lavi got in on it by commenting: "Bow Down to Washington!!! Love you Cuz!"
Katie then posted:
"Although Cousin Jeff is a UW alum, I know that deep down he will be cheering for Nebraska tonight. :)"
Here is the picture she posted. It is awesome in all of its horror

For those reading that may not know, that is me standing next to my cousin Chris. We are in Nebraska and I'm wearing the Big Red shirt. I have no idea where she got this photo. Hats off to her. There were 3 comments on this, one being my horror of it and blaming it on the Nebraska heat. Awesome picture.

But I was not to be out done. I quickly pulled on one of my best presents this year from my friend Bridie and posted it fro Katie.

Jeff posted this picture

A series of friends liked this photo. Mostly all being from the NW.

Jeff then posted:
"Is talking trash with his Cornhusker Cousin Katie. The UW - UN sequel starts soon.
  • Katie Moran commented: "I hope the Huskies enjoy a magic show because our quarterback, T Magic , is going to blow their minds."
  • Jeff Moran commented: "check the score :)" (we were up 7-0 at this point)
  • Katie Moran commented: "I'm going to be sick. The way we are playing is making me nauseous."
Katie Posted
"Does Shaun Watson know any other play besides going up the middle. I think they're on to us."

Katie Posted
"Dad must be nervous about the game. He just got out the Scotch. Let's turn it around, Huskers!"
  • I liked this post a lot. :)
After Lockler ran the ball in for a score right after halftime I posted "DAWGS!!!"

UW was winning 17-7 at this point. Later the UW scored a safety making it 19-7. Katie seemed to go dark until a later post

Katie posted:
"I love Nebraska, but this game breaks my heart a little bit. Ready for the 2011 season and a new offense, please!
  • Jeff commented: "Be better if your guys could catch a ball.
    Here's an idea though... do you think you could get me tickets to the game in Lincoln in Sept? We should do teh 3rd part of this trilogy together!"
The game ended 19-7. This ties us 1-1 for the series this year. We have one more game next year. It will be two different teams, but we'll see how the trash talking goes then.

Big thanks to our cousin Katie who made watching this game a ton of fun. Love you Cous!


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KatieMo said...

IniEirxcellent write-up, cuz! I can't wait to see how part three plays out. If Nebraska can muster up any kind of offense next year, I will be much happier than I am today. Good stuff!!