Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 resolution report card part 2

Dear Mark

A second resolution I had in 2010 was to read more. Lavi has been reading a lot and set a good example for me. I wanted to in turn set an example for Jack. Early in the year I made sure my library membership was up to date. I loaded the app for Seattle Library on my iphone. I was able to find books and have them held for me at the library 2 blocks from work for easy pick up.

Having the iphone app was nice. I am able to search and find books, notified when books are being held for me, and check on my due dates.

Early in the year I took your advice and read a lot of graphic novels like Dark Tower and a ton of Green Lanterns. This was neat because I could read stories that I was not going to collect. Later on I started reserving more sci-fi books from lists of best books. One book that was a great read was "Hyperion." If you like sci-fi you should pick it up. Another good one was "Eyre Affair" and "City & the City." The later one won this year's sci-fi Pulitzer.

I've also been using the Kindle software on my iphone. I know that seems weird, but I admit that I really enjoy it. There are only certain books I would read that way. I drool over the Kindle that I gave Lavi for her birthday. She uses it a ton and I think she's read more than me this year. I finally got my own Kindle so the world is okay.

Using the kindle I read the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series and I've read every book of the Dresden Files. Dresden Files by Jim Butcher is the book series I've really enjoyed this year. It's like Magnum P.I. meets Buffy. He's a wizard and a P.I. It's good reading. I recommend them.

The last thing that I finished was a book called "Anathem" by Neal Stephenson. Using the word finished is such an understatement. It took me all year to read this book. In the end I liked it, a lot actually. At the beginning it was another 1,200 page book from Stevenson that took a long time to set up. I had the hard back and reading that in bed was about as close to exercise that I got some weeks. I mean that is a heavy book. I made up my mind to finish it, and in doing so I actually broke down and purchased it on my Kindle in order to comfortably finish it.

With my Kindle I've read a few free books this year. There are many that are free for download. I'm almost done with the Count of Monte Cristo, love that story. I finished Christmas Carol this Christmas season as well.

What have you been reading?


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