Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 resolution report card part 1

Dear Mark

This year I had a few resolutions at the beginning of the year. Maybe it's because I have an MBA or work in technology but I like to measure and report on progress so that I can most effectively reset and plan for the coming year. It's probably more that I needed a good topic to write about, but either way here is a little report on how I did with one resolution this year.

One resolution was to get back on the bike. I did okay with that one. I did get back on the bike a lot with Jack. We rode to daycare quite often and had a great time. Although I didn't pack in the miles like a training neo-pro, nor justify a reason to shave my legs, I did get lots of strength training. Pulling Jack is work. While fun fun fun, he's a heavy kid.

I started out by pulling him in a Burley Solo Trailer. The trailers track awesome behind the bike and they are comfy for him. Yet, I wanted to talk more with him as we rode and get him up a bit higher so he could see more. I have a beautiful mountain bike, a Kona Hei Hei, that I use to race and ride. I have not been dirty for many years. I probably need to see a MTB Priest to confess my sin, but I regress. The bike is awesome and it is geared for speed. I did the unthinkable and converted it to a bike I could haul Jack with by adding an Xtracycle kit to the bike. It was a necessary for the riding we do, but I still feel guilty throwing my leg over the saddle. That said, it is an awesome ride and Jack loves it. Here are two pictures of the bike. Jack gives it a thumbs up!

The bike

Jack on bike thumbs up

Coming into the New Year I hope to continue riding with Jack. I also want to get out for more rides on my own. Here's hoping I can justify another bike purchase. I think 2011 will see another cycling resolution (as opposed to a revolution).


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