Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Refresh Time

Dear Mark

It's Blog Refresh Time. Its a time when I play with the new settings, try out new gadgets and generally organize our Blog. It's a way that we keep this fresh even when we only post items that we feel are worth reading. Remember out goal is "audience of each other" and every other reader is just a bonus.

I added a new Twitter feed on the right hand side. I recently set up a new account called TdF_Dadna. The account is a way for me to post about training the 2035 Tour de France Champion, who is also my son. I admit that it is mostly fictional, but it allows me another funny (to me) outlet. I hope you enoy the posts. This gives some people who don't use Twitter (yes Mom that is you) a chance to read the posts. Granted many of these cycling specific posts will not be understood by all. But as always, I can provide the same show even if there is no audience. I must in all honestly admit that the twitter account was inspired by another account called "god_damn_batman" which is hysterical. I encourage you to find it.

The posts have been flowing. Lets keep the momentum going. I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Kent Peterson's Bike Blog, and he reminds me that if you have said some thing once then you don't need to say it again. I think for us that just is hooey. Keep up the sarcasm and witty reports.


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