Monday, October 4, 2010

Whistle & Hum

Dear Mark

As you know, I'm not that musically inclined despite our Mother's best efforts to culture and instruct us. I like the music I like. I tried to play piano, my chariots of fire is purely definitive and I failed at trumpet because having my lips vibrate all day as a result was off putting. I never had the desire to learn guitar, drums seemed interesting until I saw that all the greats seemed to OD and die. I have a musical voice for newspaper print and thus only uncork a power ballad after many beers at the Karaoke bar.

Yet, despite this apparent (and obvious to everyone) lack of talent I find that I do enjoy singing and even whistling and humming. My singing is usually confined to my office or car and mostly definitely by myself. I have from time to time had my co-worker Paul come over to ask politely to "keep it down" as I belt out some Alice In Chains. I'm sure that our Mother's over promotion of show tunes and musicals has something to do with this, I'm just sure of it.

There are quite a few things that I seem to be stuck on and I wonder if you have similar tunes that never leave your head.

Here's a short list.
1. Lowenbrau commercial jingle
Yes, here are to good times and tonight is kinda special. The beer you pour should mean something more some how… tonight, let it be Lowenbrau.
I whistle this all the time. I can't think for the life of me why. I've never consumed the beer. Perhaps that commercial played too much when we were watching Sunday afternoon Seahawk football in the 80's. Still I do hum and whistle it as I walk. Lavinia asked me just the other day what it was. I told her and her response was "that is what you've been whistling for 18 years?" I think I died a bit realizing that.

2. Guns n' Roses - Patience
Very similar to the one above. Often I'll start with one and go to the other. It's catchy and had a lot of radio play time in high school. I can't seem to shake it.

3. Mary Poppins - Spoonful of sugar
Seriously, this one comes up in the most embarrassing situations. Mostly embarrassing because others will recognize the tune, publicly judge me and laugh. It hurts, but darn it I like the tune. It was playing at Jack's daycare the other day when I dropped him off. As a result I hummed it all day.

4. All Night Long - Lionel Richie
Yes, this is my Karaoke favorite. I love singing this song. It makes me think of Tim, who is still to this day the only individual who in an Irish bar would cry out for the band to "PLAY LIONEL!!!" Awesome.

5. Man in a Box - Alice In Chains
I think it is mostly the intro bass/drum line that mimic. Just has the sort of you're walking to home base as a baseball player ready for bat and the crowd is going nuts because bases are loaded, two outs and you might just have a walk off grand slam kinda moment. I guess I dream as I hum.

Well, this has me thinking of some other songs that I need to go shuffle. I doubt many will be as good as the ones above.


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Let the music play on... play on... play on...