Thursday, October 28, 2010

Screaming Trees & Musical Habits


Just sitting here at work with all my music on shuffle (seems that 90% of my blog posts start this way – is it the music that makes me want to blog or is indicative that I’m sitting in front of computer and my mind is wandering? Hmmmmm…..)

Most of the time I have the music on shuffle and I can span a great variety of music with a few CTRL+F taps. However, I have an internal rule that whenever a Screaming Trees song comes up in the mix that I have to stop and listen. Do I like the Trees? Yes. But do I love the Trees? Well, I mean love is a strong word…. I’m not sure why I came up with this rule, but I’m almost superstitious about it now. To the point where I get nervous if I do skip it, have to go back and play it. Just one of those weird things that I, now subconsciously, do. Wonder if it’s the onset of mid-life grunge related OCD.

You got any weird musical requirements when listening? Hope so. Make me feel normal, please….


Dear Mark

I do have some weird musical pairings and things now that you ask. Nothing so superstitious that I can't skip a song. I'm more of mood player. I guess one superstition I have is that when I come into work and hook my iTouch up I never continue playing the album, artist, playlist, etc that I was playing when I left the office. I like a clean break.

Another thing I do is that Fridays are Artist Shuffle days. Inspired by simply getting the Led out on Friday. I bounce around from shuffling all songs from Alice In Chains, Led Zepplin, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Queen, Rush to name a few. In fact, tomorrow I'm going for an artist I've not shuffled all day long come to think of it, AC/DC. That's a winner.

I have some music that I admittedly close the door to the office before any hears. I'm a grown man and I am okay with everyone knowing that I like to sing a little Lionel Richie every now and then (okay daily) or that I still listen to Seattle band music from the early 90's that no one has heard of before. I can only imagine what you do in your cubicle when Goodness comes on the shuffle... shudder.

I have some funny mixes too. For some reason my smart lists will bounce from a Pearl Jam song to a Shakira song in Spanish to Led Zepplin to Flock of Seagulls to dance techno Lady Gaga to a Buffy Musical song. I'm literally all over the board.

Right now Temple of the Dog is playing ("Wooden Jesus") and I've got to get back to work. Talk to you soon.


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