Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Dear Mark

Halloween is upon us. Lavi and I have been introducing Jack to it more and more. Two weekends ago Jack "helped" me put up decorations outside the house. By help I mean he walked around wearing work gloves and carrying tools while I did the work, with Lavi's help too of course. The decorations are pretty random, but they show that we support the holiday. If you come a knocking at our door you'll get some yummy treats. Actually you will get a double fist full of candy from Lavi because she goes absolutely giddy over the event. It is adorable beyond belief.

My favorite decoration is a skeleton that I have mounted on bicycle. I leave it stored under my front porch all year. It is right next to my dryer exhaust. So over the year it builds up dryer lint and it looks scarier. Every year we add one or more items. This year we added some orange lights along the ground. Not the Griswald's of Halloween yet though.

We've been reading books about Halloween to Jack. We have ghost books and counting Halloween books. We go through them each night. Jack has a new favorite. We've read extensive "The Story of the Jack O'Lantern" for a few weeks. It's actually not a "nice" story but it reads in a way that doesn't scare. It's interesting what things I pick up now and then that I determine he's not old enough to understand just yet.

Lavi took Jack on an adventure to go pick out pumpkins at the store a few weeks back. The weather has been really mild and nice the last few weeks. The good weather prompted a trip last weekend to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out more pumpkins. We took a tractor ride, saw some animals and stomped all over a pumpkin patch. We found 5 more pumpkins. Here is a neat slide show of our trip. You can see how nice it was. Jack had a good time and so did Lavi and I.

This weekend we plan to carve up the pumpkins. Jack wants them to have happy faces, not scary faces. I hope to manage sneaking in one surprise face. It will be a good activity on a rainy weekend.

Jack has said that he plans to be a firefighter for Halloween. A great idea seeing how he loves playing with his fire trucks so much. We also got him matching Run DMC outfits to wear with Calvin, just in case.

Halloween is a fun time around here. I hope to really enjoy it with Jack. I wonder if he's too young for Charlie Brown Halloween special. Lavi and I are trying to start small traditions around the holidays to do with Jack. Just to make things fun.

I'm not sure if I'm dressing up or not. We'll see. Do you all get many trick or treaters? We don't get a lot. We end up with 25-40. I do think Lavi's reputation for the double fisted candy give out is spreading though.

Happy Halloween!

PS - Follow up. The Jack O'Lanterns turned out great!

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