Sunday, October 3, 2010

A day with Dadna

Dear Mark

Yesterday Jack and I had a day together. It was a lot of fun. We had the day to ourselves as Lavi was hosting a baby shower for Jackie. Jack and I started by taking the bus to Fremont in the morning. It was not his first bus ride and he was very good. I think he secretly wanted to ride it all day long. Once we got to Fremont I took him up to see the troll under the Aurora Bridge. He was leery of the Troll. On the walk down from there he said "that Troll scared me Dad-na" almost matter of fact and then we kept walking.

After visiting the Troll we walked through a small park on the way to my work. I had left our bicycle there at work on Friday. We took some elevator rides and got our bike out of the bike cage at work and started out. So already in the morning we had taken a bus ride, walked around, visited some parks and were now on our bike.

From Fremont we headed to Woodland Park Zoo. We had not visited their playground yet and it seemed like a good idea. I rode us up Fremont Ave to the zoo. The new bike handled pretty well up the hill, even better than the bike with the trailer. We played at the playground for a while and then saddled up and headed to another playground that has a few really long slides at Phinney Ridge Center.

We took another ride to the Gorditos and had some lunch. Then we cruised home for a nap. Both of us got a little nap in.

That sounds like a good long day but it wasn't over. After nap time we saddled up again and headed to Salmon Bay Park for Jack's friend Marin's birthday party. We rode over the park, had a great time and rode home.

It was a long day, but a lot of fun. Jack is 3 and with that comes new challenges. He is more and more physically capable of handling himself these days. He does real well on the sidewalk, wants to walk more and more on his and less with holding hands. He's getting so big. He can climb up and down the play structures very well. He even handled himself on the zip line at Salmon Bay park.

Do you remember Salmon Bay park? It was where we'd go with the Boys & Girls Club in the summers. How many hours did we spend in that park? Too many to count that I guess. It is pretty neat to see Jack running around the hills of the park with his friends. It reminds me of times we had there as kids.

Jack and I rode home before dark, got him a bath and then off to bed. It was a very full day, but lots of fun. I have slide show here for you to check out. Enjoy!

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Joey and Erin said...

I'm so jealous of that RUN DMC shirt!
I just wish it would fit me.