Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We are loved in Belgium & Italy!

Dear Mark,

Since you only send me your posts via email to upload I know that you have not taken any time to go through the Blogger dashboard. Blogger is the host site for our blog. They recently (as of July 2010) started provided an analytics area for blogging authors to use. These analytics track number of unique vistors, location of visitor, web browser use and other stats. It is really quite fascinating.

Here is a quick snap shot of some of the stats. If we assume that most of our visitors are family then we can make some determinations about our target audience that will help us build a site that creates a need in their lives from which we can drive ad revenue via ad sense. Well, at least that is one point of the analytics. Luckily we are not in for the money and just like thinking we are funny.

I'm pretty sure that my visits account for all the mobile stats. Mostlly our audience is United States, with I think a very dark dark dark green Washington state for sure. But it is nice to see that we are loved in China and Canada! Which reminds me of Cliff from Singles of course.

The stats are fun. The best one is that I think our most referring web site is Katie's blog.

I need to email Blogger for a few feature requests though. Here's one I can think of; "Mom Tracking." A feature to determine how many times ones mother visits the web site and suggestions on the best ads to serve her.

Log on and check it out when you can.




Joey and Erin said...

A record just broke in Germany...

Mark said...

Pretty sure the two visits with the Wii were me. uh, unitnentional, and semi irrational, rhyming there.