Friday, September 24, 2010

Guest Blogger: Mom Shames the Brothers

It’s been quite a while since anyone posted,
I decided it’s time that somebody ghosted.
You’re both really busy, I know that is true
So maybe I can be of help to you two.

I have a few things you might like to use,
Some various posts, if you’ll just excuse
The posts that I offer – they’re really mundane
You’ll probably think that your mom’s just insane.

Emily Post was very refined
Post it Notes® can be plain, or they can be lined.
Post Toasties are sweet
Post haste is real fast
At Army posts soldiers meet
Post partum blues never last.

U.S. Post Offices deliver in rain, snow or sleet
And hitching posts are found in the street.

Post-war is better than pre-war, no doubt
The New York Post just sends newspapers out.

Fence posts keep fences from falling right down
Post is verb. Post is a noun.

The word post can be used in so many ways
All by itself or in a phrase.

I’ve got to get going, but please keep on posting!

And put up some photos of Jack while you’re at it!

Love, Mom

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